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Obviously, one of my passions is politics and I've been very proud of our People's Politics over the past seven or eight years. It started out as Free Politics Uncensored on MSN boards with about 350 members. It reopened as People's Politics and the site grew to 853 members and most of the credit goes to Peach and our wonderful managers and moderators for their contributions.

Last fall, MSN announced they would be closing their service and after some discussion we agreed on the Yuku site. It has taken time to adjust, too. I like the edit feature here but on some days I really miss our old board.

I hope you will share your political interests and 2011 politics with us here at People's Politics III. Thank you for visiting.

With kindest regards,

juli @ http://peoplespoliticsiii.yuku.com/directory/default/t/yuku-community.html?new_community=true 





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  1. This Recession

    03/16/09 02:41:42 | 0 Comments

    How is this recession changing your behavior and/or lifestyle or are you one of those so fortunate you are not aware America is in a recession?
  2. Juli's Blog

    11/23/08 04:54:39 | 0 Comments


    Beauty shared the above link with me on the old board. It makes me sad to think the MSN groups are closing.

  3. Great Board

    11/18/08 05:30:05 | 0 Comments

    This was an excellent idea. I will visit it often.

    God Bless America.

  4. The Four Freedoms:

    11/17/08 23:45:16 | 0 Comments


    The censorship suggested in this Fairness Doctrine worries me as it is in direct violation of our First Amendment.

    With a Democrat controlled Senate and Obama being a Democrat, I'm afraid Nancy P. and Harry Reid might attempt to send a Bill up for the new image president to sign.

  5. Hot Topic/Poll

    11/17/08 23:33:22 | 0 Comments

    imageI think if they can give billions upon billions to their friends and AIG and not account for the 'bailout package' so far, they should grant the auto industry a loan.

    If you can show me the auto industry's assets are all in offshore accounts then perhaps I would rethink it. It has been the laws of Congress that has limited the auto industry's competition...
  6. Do You Agree Or Disagree?

    11/17/08 20:41:50 | 0 Comments

    GOP Senator says Paulson may have given bailout money -- 'to his friends'...

    This is a link to Drudge. Look at the headline. Amazing. Newt says Paulson should be 'fired.'

    Do you agree?

  7. Veteran Insights

    11/17/08 20:27:39 | 0 Comments

    For the contribution.

  8. The Chicago Way

    11/17/08 18:27:08 | 0 Comments

    President Elect Obama continues to name Chicago natives to his new administration.
  9. Do You Think McCain Wavered On His Republican Principles?

    11/17/08 18:12:06 | 0 Comments

    Yes, I wanted Romney, too.
  10. Do You Think McCain Wavered On His Republican Principles?

    11/16/08 16:55:12 | 0 Comments

    I think we have to look to our state governor's office for leadership. Our congress abandoned the people years ago.

    On issue after issue, they stopped listening to us.

    I think Palin will run in 2012.

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Thank you for visiting my profile and People's Politics. With kindest regards, juli